HSAs for All Endorses RSC’s HSA-Expansion Plan

Exciting new GOP health plan would greatly expand Health Savings Accounts.

Today we sent a letter to the House Republican Study Committee strongly endorsing the RSC’s bold new plan to expand Health Savings Accounts.

The RSC plan, which would significantly expand HSA eligibility and contribution limits, in principle endorses all Five Goals of HSAs for All.

This is an historic breakthrough for HSA-expansion efforts. HSAs liberate consumers to take control of their personal health care destiny. This exciting proposal bodes well for the future of American health care.

Here is the full text of the letter.

October 22, 2019

Representative Mike Johnson | Chairman, Republican Study Committee | U.S. House of Representatives | Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman Johnson:

On behalf of America’s rapidly expanding HSA community—25 million and growing—​we are pleased to endorse the Republican Study Committee’s “Framework for Personalized, Affordable Care” and especially its historic and strategically brilliant proposals to expand and strengthen Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). 

You and your RSC colleagues can be proud of this excellent plan, which would improve American health care dramatically. HSAs are a proven model shown to reduce health care costs and promote patient freedom, sovereignty, and happiness. We believe all Americans should be free to choose their own doctors and therapies, and pay for their own health care, without arbitrary limits. We work every day to promote HSAs-for-all, a simple but powerful reform that offers an escape route from the dead-end of health insurance bureaucracy, public and private. 

The RSC proposal expands and strengthens HSAs in three key ways: 

  1. De-links HSAs from health insurance, allowing everyone, including the uninsured, to have an HSA. 
  2. Nearly triples the pre-tax contributions Americans can make to an HSA, to $18,000 a year for a family. 
  3. Lets Americans use HSA money, tax-free, to cover such alternatives to insurance as direct primary care and health care sharing.

Indeed, in principle the plan embraces all five of the HSAs-for-all Goals:

  1. Universal Access. Let anyone have a tax-free health savings account who wants one, including the uninsured. Delink HSAs from insurance.
  2. Unlimited After-Tax Contributions. Let everyone save as much after-tax money in their HSA as they want (including contributions from friends and loved ones), without arbitrary limits. 
  3. Unlimited Tax-Free Buildup. Let savings build up inside HSAs, tax-free, without limit.
  4. Unlimited Tax-Free Distributions. Let everyone spend their HSA savings, tax-free, for legitimate medical expenses, without limit.
  5. True Freedom of Choice. Let people use their HSA savings for alternatives to insurance like health care sharing and direct-pay medicine (direct primary care).

Thank you for your leadership for America’s health care consumers.

DEAN CLANCY | President, HSAs for All

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