House Committee Passes Four HSA Bills Endorsed by HSAs for All

Good news for patients and consumers!

The House Ways and Means Committee in Washington has passed all four HSA-improvement bills endorsed by HSAs for All.

We had previously endorsed the bills in a letter to the committee, specifically:

  1. H.R.6306​, a bill to expand HSA contribution limits.
  2. H.R.6309​, a bill to expand HSA eligibility to working seniors.
  3. H.R.6317​, a bill to expand HSA uses to include direct primary care (DPC).
  4. H.R.6305​, a bill to strengthen HSAs and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) in the workplace.

Each of these bills represents a step in the right direction toward the ultimate goal of HSAs-for-all.

The four bills now advance to the full House. They have yet to be placed on the House calendar.

More Information

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