House to Vote on “Expanding HSAs Act”

More great news for HSAs!

House leaders have announced plans to vote, during the week of July 23, on H.R.6311, the Expanding HSAs Act of 2018, a bill that would significantly expand HSA eligibility and contribution limits, making it a solid step toward the goal of HSAs-for-all.

We enthusiastically endorse H.R.6311, and we urge every member of Congress to vote for it.

H.R.6311 includes the text of two bills we endorsed earlier this month:  H.R.6306 and H.R.6309. Two other bills, H.R.6305 and H.R.6317, which we’ve also endorsed, will be voted on as part of a separate package.

We expect the House vote on H.R.6311 during the week of July 23. We expect the package to pass the House.

After it does, it will go over to the Senate for consideration. Senate leaders have not yet taken a position on the package.

We are reliably informed that President Trump supports the legislation.

This is great news for consumers!

More Information

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